Easy Reader News - John Van Hamersveld makes waves at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

Something fishy at the aquarium
One colorful and kaleidoscopic mural after another: John Van Hamersveld has been riding the wave of artistic success these last couple of years. It seems like we were just celebrating his 32- foot high by 510-foot long wraparound mural that envelops the DWP’s Scattergood tank in El Segundo. Before that it was his circular frieze on the Manhattan Beach Creative Arts Center and his surf mural in downtown Hermosa.

The Peninsula resident’s latest project is a pair of billboard-size works at the entrance of the Frank Gehry-designed Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, one on the reverse of the aquarium’s marquee sign and the other fronting the gift shop.

According to Caroline Brady, executive director of the Friends of Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, “We get visitors from all over the world who want to see one of Gehry’s early works.” Van Hamersveld’s new murals, she adds, “will give art lovers even more reason to visit us. John grew up surfing our local beaches and his love of the ocean and its creatures really shine through this work.”


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