Licensing & Rights Clearances

To protect Bruce Brown’s heritage while making his extensive film library accessible to the public, Bruce Brown Films took ownership in 2003 of all intellectual property, including the existing copyrights and internationally registered trademarks. Today, the Bruce Brown Films’ licensing program extends to over 50+ countries, counting over 110+ licensees and collaborative partners.

As representatives of one of the most influential and prolific documentary lifestyle filmmakers of the 20th century, Bruce Brown Films and all of its employees take very seriously their responsibility to uphold and enhance the legacy of director Bruce Brown and the values he stands for.


Rights & Reproduction

As Bruce Brown Films’ reputation has expanded over the past fifty years, requests to use the company’s copyrights and trademarks have steadily increased. Bruce Brown Films distinguishes carefully between commercial and non-commercial requests. Those interested in exploiting the company’s imagery in advertising or for other commercial purposes, such as merchandise licensing or promotional products, should contact our licensing team by e-mail at amecl@brucebrownfilms.com.

Licensing proposals submitted online should include:

  1. Corporate / Individual Contact Information
  2. Detailed descriptions of the intended use
  3. Sales projections (if merchandise license)

Upon review of the proposal, a company representative will get back to prospective licensees. To protect the exclusive designs and images the company has developed, Bruce Brown Films’ style guide is only available to existing licensees.

In an effort to encourage scholars to make use of Bruce Brown Films’ archives, including our extensive film library, the company charges only nominal fees to those wishing to reproduce artworks for educational or creative purposes. This includes any reproductions in newspapers, periodicals, books, or research papers.

Bruce Brown Films rigorously protects itself globally against unauthorized uses of its copyrights and trademarks.  To protect the integrity and value of the company’s intellectual property as well as the investment and commitment made by our loyal authorized licensees, we aggressively pursue and take appropriate action against all unlawful uses of our intellectual property.