San Clemente Times - Rhythm and Resin: The Waves, and the Beat, Roll on for Danny and Damian Brawner


Commonly placed at the back of the stage, drummers are the too-often-forgotten, rhythmic backbones of the band.

Similarly, “glassers,” those deemed responsible for sealing surfboards’ porous interiors, most commonly nowadays with fiberglass over foam cores, are essential and universally understood as an underappreciated part of the surfboard-manufacturing business.

Since 1952, Dana Point’s Danny Brawner has been crafting and fine-tuning Southern California culture through his craftsmanship and his music in ways the masses often don’t take time to appreciate.

Locals may have to read the back of an album carefully, or ask a local shaper who did the all-important, life-sustaining glasswork on that new surfboard. It may not even be recorded in some cases, but a little research will quickly reveal the Brawner name is deeply woven into the fabric of South Orange County culture.

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