Remembering The Endless Summer – ZigZag


Bruce Brown’s seminal surf flick The Endless Summer established a high water mark in the evolution of both global surf culture and surf filmmaking when it debuted back in the heyday of 1966. Igniting a million surf trips and neatly encapsulating the idea of all we hold to be true and sure: bumming around the world in search of perfect waves. Although now we tend to do it in winter, we’ll let them enjoy their old skool summer beach bum vibes. Ha ha. Bringing it back home, the movie also blew the lid off some of the surfing jewels of South Africa’s Eastern Cape and set the Republic firmly on the map as a surf mecca. One spot, then devoid of all development (including Ricky Basnett’s house), even took it’s name from the erstwhile filmmaker… Bruce’s Beauties… despite the fact that locals had been on it for quite a while already.

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